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    Couldn't find another place to put this so it is being stuck here.

    Other forums have an internal PM system, I had assumed that this one did as well.

    I use many email addresses and rarely use the one that is associated with this forum. Imagine my surprise when I discoved that I had dozens of PMs waiting for me.

    I'm sorry if I offended anyone by not answering them but then there were many that I would have ignored even if I had seen them in a timely fashion.

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    I like PMs. They are good for making friends and for sharing info/tales that you may not want publicized.


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      GW, the PMs are sent to the Email Address you used when you registered for this site, but your Email address is not disclosed. To reply to a PM, you have to use a link in the email which takes you to the site where you sign on and send a response to the person. Your Email address is never seen. Leastwise thats the way its supposed to work, I havent heard different from anyone


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        Problems I have with the PM feature here is that 1. They tend to get filtered by spam software when incomming. Which means I never know if those I PM ever got the message. 2. When I use the return link on those I do get I've found they don't get through when I ask about them in the regular forum. Could just be my personal software.
        They are nice when they work though.