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WTB/WTT Eagle Scout Badge/Patch

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  • WTB/WTT Eagle Scout Badge/Patch

    I received the rank of Eagle Scout in 1981.
    Years later a house fire destroyed much of keepsakes, including about 1/2 of my BSA stuff.
    I am looking for an Eagle Scout patch. The one I need is a Type 5 and is pictured below (if I did the photo right)

    I am also looking for an Eagle Medal. The proper one would be a Stang Type 5

    Please reply here, or send me an email of you can assist.
    Thanks in advance.(This message has been edited by 1981Eagle)

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    Try ebay. A Scout is resourceful.


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      This guy runs somewhat of a clearing house for Scout stuff on ebay. He has a e-letter which highlights the good stuff on eBay, and of course his own.

      Check his web site, but you may be able to contact him directly and he can put you in touch with someone who has the versions you're looking for.


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        dg98adams said: "Try ebay. A Scout is resourceful."

        Yeah - also thrify as I remember .... have you seen some of the prices these people want?!? Forty and Fifty dollars for a patch? That's insane!

        I have a Type 4 Eagle Patch that I put up on eBay that is currently less than 4 bucks.

        Oh - I have quite a few patches there on eBay under the name "Yaker" if you are looking for patches from the 70's and early 80's .... and at reasonable prices. I usually start my auctions at around a buck a patch, and a buck a neckerchief .... check them out.