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Staff Communication or Lack of?

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  • Staff Communication or Lack of?

    For the 2010 Jambo, I worked on staff in Action Center C for the Western Region. By this time in 2009, I had received lots of communication about my staff position and other info about Jambo, such as medical forms, etc.

    So far, for the 2013 Jambo, the only communication I've received is that I was offered a position and then, once accepted, to make a payment. I haven't received any other communication except for purchasing my council's patchset.

    I check my "dashboard" on the Jamboree website periodically, but I haven't seen anything there yet.

    I know what area I'll be working in, but I have no idea what I'll be doing. I have no idea who I'll be working for, etc. I'm curious if others are in the same boat as I am? It just seems strange.

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    Yeah, I definitely feel like there was more communication earlier last year than now as well. If you check your dashboard, it should have the points of contact for staff position and their emails.


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      I wish there was contact information on my dashboard. There isn't. The only place I could see where it might be added is the Staff Notes section, but on my dashboard, it is just TBD. Oh well.


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        The Staff Comments section is where the info is posted on my dashboard... Maybe your area doesn't have a POC yet? Where are you working?


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          There was much more communciation preparing for 2010 than 2013. Maybe it's because the planners aren't even sure what they are doing yet. I know that the guys I am working for have been making site visits recently. My job doesn't require me to plan ahead. I'm showing up and start hauling gear around for the OA. That required 2 pickup trucks and a box truck at AP Hill. I hear that I get to share a gator with another group this time. Oh boy!


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            ntrog8r, I'm assigned to the Hiking, Fishing, Nature, and Cons-T6150 area. There's a lot of possibilities there. My concern is to have a job where I work directly with the scouts. I believe that should be the case but I sure would like some confirmation.


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              Understand completely! I'm a more is better guy when it comes to communication. I just received my first (and very informative) email today. Its pertinent to those working on Garden Ground Mountain - OA Village, Buckskin, etc. Perhaps the flow will begin for everyone now. I may have a possible POC to find out about your area. If interested, send me a PM and I'll respond.