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  • Leave No Trace Award

    I am perplexed by one of the requirements for the Leave No Trace Award, and I was hoping that someone here has earned this with their scouts. Requirement 4: "Participate in a Leave No trace-related service project." Can this be as simple as picking up trash along a hiking trail?

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    Hang with me here, because some other cub leader will read this and run with it.

    Tiger and wolf level......I don't have a problem with them simply picking up trash. It is age appropriate.

    Bear and webelos it should be more involved. We help spread mulch on the local nature center trail creating a more durable surface. and one year we put up a provided clean up after your pet kiosk, had a trash can and sandwich sized bags for.......well ya know.

    Boy scouts.....We have done invasive species removal and building of wooden walk ways........

    The patch needs to be worth more to the boys than the $5 you spent at the scout shop.


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      You could look at doing something nice for your Charter Organization, like fixing their flowerbeds or picking up the trash on the road in and around the organization as well. So that kills two birds with one stone for the badge and also your charter org appreciates you too.
      This is how our kids earn the requirement from service projects we do throughout the year for our chartering org.


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        So is it about lessons or killing two birds with one STONE?


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          For Bears, you could find a local cleanup of a River. I like the idea about helping out the chartering organization. Also, see if the state parks in your local area would like some volunteer help. Also can help with your JTE volunteer hours.


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            Yes it could be as simple as picking up trash. There are no restrictions or standards to be met outside of you determining what is appropriate for your group. Keep in mind, it could also be "pick up trash and make demonstration at the Nature Center, local government meeting, etc" or make Leave No Trace posters to hang up at school,church, etc. or something else entirely. You want your Cubs to apply what they've learned in a meaningful way. Have fun!