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Long-term camping for Cubs

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  • Long-term camping for Cubs

    So thought I'd run this past you folks...

    I have a Pack and Troop that are tightly linked. We meet at the same time, and the same place, and participate in many of the same activities, where appropriate. Our troop is considering doing an extended trip in 2014, 10 days to Yosemite and Sequoia and that area.

    Since several of the families have youth that are in both Pack and Troop, we would like to invite families from the Pack to join with us on this trip as a Family Camp. I've just looked at the Guide to Safe Scouting, and there is no mention of a time limit to a family camp for Cubs, and we are BALOO trained. Each Cub would be required to have a parent with them, and we would have different, age-appropriate activities at the various stops, but would share common meals and campsites etc.

    Naturally, I will check with my local council, but wanted to find out if anyone had done something like this before.

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    I don't think it is a problem with regards to G2SS. As long as its billed as a "family camp". The only restriction I know of for cub camping is any long term camp (i.e. resident camp) that is longer than 72hrs. But if the parent is along...

    One big pain in the hind parts -

    National will require you to have a complete health form (long form - to include complete physical) that is less than 1 year old for EVERYONE that goes on the trip, b/c its greater than 72 hours. That means dads, moms, siblings... la de dadee everybody!!

    I have a hard time getting family members to turn in short form medical forms for weekend family camps and those do NOT have to be signed off by a doctor (or other practitioner).

    I'd say get started early on this part. That and I assume you are travelling from AZ to do this? The long form health form and the national tour permit will be the two largest paperwork hurdles you face.

    Good luck and have fun.



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      Thanks, Dean...I did talk to Grand Canyon Council and they said I needed to do the National Tour Permit for both, which I've done for the past two years for the Troop for our High Adventure trips, so that's not an issue. The biggest hurdle was just making sure the Pack could do it. And I agree, the med forms could be a pain, but that's a requirement for going, so folks will just have to do it.

      My Pack is really outdoors-oriented...We have three campouts scheduled between now and June...Fortunately, the Pack and Troop are linked very closely, so we just end up doing some joint activities, with breakouts for the Boy Scouts to give them some opportunities that they can do, that the Cubs can't...

      Thanks for the feedback.