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  • You learn something new every day...

    I've recently notice a little seepage on my Marmot GoreTex Jacket. No seam problems just a little dampness on the inside after some recent rain.

    I was browsing the Marmot shop and spoke to one of the salesguys. He told me that I should put the jacket into the dryer at low heat for about 20-30 minutes. He said that will help the Goretext to (for lack of a better term) 'reset' and seal itself back up. Apparently the product is a coating which needs occasional heat treatment to keep it working correctly.

    This makes sense because whenever I wash the jacket, I line dry it. I always thought it was a bad idea to put gore tex into the dryer.

    He also told me that if that didn't work that they have a product which may help and if that didn't work then they would check on the warranty status and I could possibly get a pro-rated discount on a new jacket. Nice company.

    Thought I'd pass this along as an FYI.

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    Thanks for the tips, CA Scouter, good stuff.


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      CA Scouter, they gave you good advice. The instructions from Gore-tex are here:

      A quick dry does reactivate the DWR. There are also spray-ons available once the DWR coating is no longer working. I've got Gore-tex from the '90s still going strong.


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        Hi all. Hope this posts, and I can figure out how to read any responses! My son just asked me if anyone knows whether there is a published record for 50-milers, as in how many has one Scout earned. I think he is interested in setting a record if there is one. Does anyone know any Scouts personally who have earned multiple 50s??

        Also whilst I'm writing... any opinions on whether Zamberlan boots are worth the $$$ ?


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          Not something that gets recorded....generally on and done. Why can't he just enjoy his backpacking or canoeing trips...Everything doesn't need to be a competition.

          They are nice boots but why????? I wear out boots on a fairly regular basis.....I just go buy a new pair of merril mid goretex once a year and not worry about it. Generally get about 800 miles out of them before the goretex fails and they start to leak. for $100 what do ya want.