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  • Osprey Backpacks

    Have any of you had experience with Osprey backpacks? I'm looking at the Stratos 24 for a daypack. They are a little expensive but as an adult it would be an item I plan on using for years. Osprey seems to have a great reputation and guarantee.

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    I use an Osprey Atmos 35 as a day pack, and have used it on an overnight backpacking trip. I like it, since it is comfortable and seems to be well thought out. It has a good waist belt, can distribute weight very nicely, and has several bells and whistles.

    My only problem with my model is that it zips open on the back side. I have twice had the nylon material around the zipper tear away from the pack, and start to shred. But Osprey will fix this kind of stuff if you send the pack to them for a few weeks.

    I would like to get a larger backpacking model and see how it works on a trek of several days.


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      Thanks allangr1024 for the reply. I'm not sure the difference on size btwn the Stratos 24 and the Atoms 35


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        Yah, I have a couple of Osprey packs. A lightweight weekender pack and one of their bigger expedition packs. Fits me well and even agrees with my old bones, where I found a few other manufactures tended to "bite" me in odd places.

        Build quality has been excellent, very durable. Like every pack, you'll always find a few feature choices yeh would have done slightly differently, but there aren't too many of these and I've been quite happy overall.

        Osprey also has a youth internal frame that I've seen some lads use, for a reasonable price. It's hard to find decent internal frame packs for the 11-year-olds.



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          I haven't got an Osprey, but looked heavily into them for me and my sons. Great packs, but ended up getting a Gregory for myself. Had nothing to do with anything but comfort. Got the REI for one of my sons, and for the same reason. That being said, the price is worth what you use. My pack will last as long as it stays together.


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            I would recommend going to an outfitter and trying one on.

            Packs are like shoes, it needs to fit YOU.

            I have a couple of osprey packs, an aether 85 and a 48 liter one. They have many miles on them and I like them both. But they are heavy....I would like to get a ULA ohm or circuit. Quick way to shed 4 pounds or more off the base weight.

            I do like the osprey packs and would have no problem buying another. Excellent customer service.


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              Base gives excellent advice. If I may digress a bit to packs in general I'd appreciate it folks.

              1) I'd add that when you go shopping, bring your own weight to put into the pack and try it on.

              2) Do not buy online UNLESS you are buying a replacement for one you already have. You really need to try them on, put some weight in them, walk around, etc.

              3) If you must buy online, make sure you do your research and try to find someone with the pack you are interested in and try it on.

              4) Make sure you go to a reputable store with knowledgable folks. Yes REI, Campmor, Cabellas et all are good. Sometimes your local Scout Shop will have someone knoweldgeable on staff (I think the guy who replaced me at my old store knew a little about backpacking since he did Philmont). So your expereince may vary.

              5) DO NOT BUY A "BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL" PACK!!!!!! (Caps for shouting this go around, and yes I'm showing my age) Been there, done that, and had the external frame break halfway through it's first week of real use (I used it a bit at summer camp prior to the weeklong backpacking trip) I WAS MISERABLE!
              If you are going to buy a pack, save your money and buy a good one. If you take care of your pack, it will last years (My replacement pack for the one above was a used USGI ALICE Pack that's now 25+ year old and oldest will be using it shortly. Very minor repairs have been made on it. I also have an old Wind River internal frame that's 12yo and is in great shape).

              SAVE UP THE MONEY AND BUY A GOOD PACK THAT WILL LAST (caps for emphasis)

              Ok digression over back on topic

              I'm told that Osprey's are excellent and have great customer service.(This message has been edited by eagle92)


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                Thanks to everyone for their replies. I bought the Stratos 24 and I'm looking forward to trying it out.


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                  I own a Stratos 24. I bought it for use as a day pack. My criteria for selecting this pack was I wanted the smallest pack I could find with a fully supported hip belt structure. I also owned another Osprey pack, so I was partial to the brand.

                  I have been completely satisified with the pack for the purpose--a bulletproof comfortable day pack capeable of carrying any imaginable need with a full waist belt and suspension. I also use it for overnight camping with the troop. I will my hammock/tarp and sleeping bags in a small nylon bag; all other gear and clothes will fit in the Stratos 24. I really do like this pack.