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Alps / Scout direct bags

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  • Alps / Scout direct bags

    I have been strongly considering buying a sleeping bag through the program, but since I don't know anyone with the bag I'm interested in, and can't find it in any local stores to look at, I'm reluctant.

    Does anyone have a RECTANGULAR Alps sleeping bag? The specs on the Alps Crater Lake 20 degree bag look good for what I need (mostly car camping with the cubs).


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    My son has the Clearwater 20 mummy bag. Not the rectangle bag about which you inquired, but I can tell you the quality is great and he has on several occasions had it down to 20 with no problems. He really likes the bag.

    Just my 2.


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      I don't have any experience with this specific bag, but being an Alps product, it is probably good quality. But I just can't see any conventional rectangular bag being comfortable at or near 20 deg. It's impossible to seal off drafts around the neck and there is a lot of empty air space inside the bag that requires energy to keep warm.

      But if you're taking cubs, you're probably not using it near that temp, and it may be just right.


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        That bag is on steep and cheap regularly at 58% off retail.

        $40 I think


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          I've bought lots of tents form them to outfit a troop. Great quality and service. We also have a 0F bag, mummy style that is my son's. Again, high quality. He's been to -5 with it and was comfortable.


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            I admit I have not used Scouts Direct yet, but the Alps sleeping bag I got the wife for her birthday is AWESOME! My only regret is that it's hers and not mine


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              Eagle92: "I admit I have not used Scouts Direct yet, but the Alps sleeping bag I got the wife for her birthday is AWESOME! My only regret is that it's hers and not mine"Scout Direct and Alps are the same company. If you buy the same products thru Scout Direct you get a 45% discount as a scout leader. Troops get a 55% discount for a one time troop purchase.


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                I bought from a 3rd party, REI, when they were getting rid of the older models. I should have said I haven't used that website and program.

                I'm looking into some of their day and photo packs for the future.


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                  I have made Alps purchases from Scout Direct and highly recommend them. Even REI when they have sales can't match the discounted price. I own both a mummy bag and a rectangle bag. The rectangle bag is the 40degree summer bag and its quite comfortable and compresses down rather small.

                  I also have an Alps backpack and tent due to the outstanding quality product they make, I highly recommend the Alps brand. Sure other brands are better no doubt, but you can't be the scouting discount pricing with Scout direct. Its hassle free to sign up and they run great periodic sales.


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                    Thanks guys - that helps alot!


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                      I have purchased Mystique 1-person tent (5 years old), Merimac 2-people tent (6 years old), 2 backpacks (5200cu in)(5 years old)(one for me and one for my son), 2 x-large size cots, and 30 Merimac tents for the troop (2 years od). Everything is still intact. One cannot beat the price discount! The materials are not lifetime guarranteed as REI, but so far ... I have gotten my worth of the money out of the equipment!


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                        I ended up buying the crate lake +20 'regular' bag from REI Outlet - they are selling them at the same price as scout direct, plus included free shipping.

                        Gotta tell ya - GREAT quality for money! Haven't camped in it yet (coming soon...) but already I can see that it is worlds better than the discount store bags for quality. Even the stuff sack is clearly better.

                        One interesting feature I hadn't seen mentioned in product descriptions - the bag has a drawstring at the top...haven't seen that on a rectangular bag before, but I'm sure that will cut down on drafts.


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                          Another place to keep an eye on (I regularly browse is the ScoutDirect sales pages:

                          About the only complaint I have about the Scout Direct program is that they don't disclose the shipping costs up front.