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In light of the destruction in Joplin, the troop that I serve contacted the Joplin Council office. The scouting response to help in Joplin has caused the council to try to put together a "mini-jamboree" type of weekend set up. Please read the following from the Ozark Trails Council that we recieved in response of our request to travel to Joplin as a troop and assist in the clean up. For what it is worth, idea came from the PLC. :)




Joplin Scout Relief Update - June 7, 2011


The Ozark Trails Council sincerely thanks you and your scouts for their offer of support for those affected by the tornado in Joplin, Missouri last month. Please feel free to share this information with others in your units or council.



Ozark Trails Council is working with city officials now to plan a coordinated scout project to help with rebuilding efforts. 2 groups we are specifically talking about supporting are the city parks department which lost some of its parks and the school system which lost 3 of its facilities.


The tentative weekend being looked at is August 5-7, 2011 (not confirmed with local officials yet)


We need to get an estimate on the number interested in helping with this type of weekend to plan the project. Please email joplinrelief@ozarktrailsbsa.org if your scout group would plan to attend and the number estimated.


All groups would be housed at our Childress Scout Camp for the weekend and being shuttled into the work areas. Please bring your own tents, sleeping bags, and other camping gear. All food will be provided.



Currently identified are over 30 scout families that have lost everything and another 8 units that lost their meeting place and equipment. We have set up a Joplin Tornado Scout Fund where donations can be sent. These funds will be used 100% in supporting our local scouts with uniforms, camping equipment, pinewood derby tracks, and other scouting items lost. You can send your donations to:


Joplin Tornado Scout Fund

1616 S Eastgate Ave

Springfield, MO 65809



Finally, if your group would like to assist with the cleanup efforts prior to the coordinated plan above, you can visit www.joplinmo.org/tornadoinfo.cfm to sign up to help (for the coordinated plan we will have separate signup forms once final arrangements are made). We have space at Childress Scout Camp for groups to stay while volunteering, just send a notice to joplinrelief@ozarktrailsbsa.org and let us know arrival and departure dates along with the number attending. Please bring your own tents, sleeping bags, and other camping gear. There are a few rules to know if you plan to assist prior to the coordinated plan: no one under 12 can be in the debris field, all volunteers must sign a liability waiver and 12-17 year olds must have the waiver signed by guardian. www.stl.unitedway.org/uploadedfiles/Joplin_Volunteer_Release_Form.pdf


The generosity of Scouts just like you has been overwhelming and is making huge strides in returning the Joplin Scouts to normalcy. On behalf of the Ozark Trails Council, we thank you.


end of message


I am sure that any contributions will be appreciated.



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