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Wish We Had a Bugler

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If you're going to use an electronic bugle, you might as well just program in some Ring Tones to act as bugle calls.


I've been frustrated trying to get a scout as a bugler, though some have tried a little bit..no one has committed.


I try to bring a bugle on a regular basis for To the Colors for the flag ceremony and First Call to get them back to the meeting room. Every once and a while I'll make an appeal for a bugler.


One or two kids will come up. I'll give the my phone number as a Merit Badge Counselor, I'll direct them to http://scoutbugle.com/MeritBadge.htm, I'd make a bugle available to them...and then...never hear from them again. This has been going on for years. I've demoed bugles at pack meetings and reminded them when they are scouts they could contact me for the merit badge....NOTHING.


This is a 50+ troop with some 10 Eagles last year...but no bugler.


I always wondered how much you can screw up and embouchure by playing different brass insruments. I'll offer as exhibit one Maynard Ferguson who went between trumpet and valve trombone (and bari-sax) within ONE song..and played as an expert on all of them.


Keep up the fight for a REAL bugler.





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