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Shout out to the Georgia-Carolina Council for Jimmie Dyess Days 2009

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Our Troop of boys returned this Sunday from a very enjoyable weekend after attending Jimmie Dyess Days 2009 at Fort Gordon, Augusta, GA. What a wonderful experience. My hat is off to the many Scouts, Scouters, members of all branches of our Military, Emergency Personnel, dining facility staff and all other volunteers that pulled together to make this amazing event a success. More than 3000 Scouts of all sizes and organizations were on hand to learn about citizenship, the call to service, and selfless sacrifice that encompassed the life of Jimmie Dyess (the only American to ever be awarded the Carnegie Medal for Heroism and the Medal of Honor) an Eagle Scout from the Augusta area who died in 1944 during World War II.


Simply impressive. Our boys are looking forward to returning next year.


Thank you.

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