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iPhone’s Emergency SOS helps locate 10 teenage hikers (southern California)

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Note:  As I understand, this was NOT a Scout group - RS

"The Santa Paula Canyon trail is a six-mile hike in Ventura County, with an elevation gain of more than 3,700 feet. A local hiking website describes the terrain as rugged and difficult. The "Last Chance" portion of the canyon is a trail that connects the Santa Paul Canyon section to another hiking path, and has another high elevation gain. The "Last Chance" trail is about seven miles long. "

Ventura County Sheriff Office Narrative:

On May 12, 2023, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office Upper Ojai Search and Rescue (SAR) Team located and came to the aid of 10 missing hikers near the “Last Chance” area of the Santa Paula Canyon.
On the above date, at approximately 8:00 P.M., Ventura County Sheriff’s Dispatch received a text message from a group of ten hikers who were unable to find their way back from the Santa Paula Canyon.  These hikers were able to contact Ventura County Sheriff’s Dispatch through the Apple Emergency SOS feature and provided valuable information such as a possible location and if immediate medical aid was needed.  Additionally, guardians for the 10 overdue hikers contacted Ventura County Sheriff’s Deputies near the trailhead to report the subjects as missing and possibly in need of assistance. 
At approximately 8:30 P.M., the Upper Ojai Search and Rescue (SAR) Team was activated and immediately responded to the Santa Paula Canyon Trailhead.  A total of 13 SAR members responded to locate the missing hikers. 
SAR team members hiked approximately 4 miles into the Santa Paula Canyon to locate the 10 missing hikers.  SAR team members were faced with low visibility, multiple stream crossings and trails that had been previously damaged from the heavy rains.
At approximately 11:15 P.M., SAR team members located the 10 missing hikers. Most of the hikers were not prepared for the hike and were provided with food, drinking water and lighting equipment as they were led out to the Santa Paula Canyon Trailhead.

At approximately 2:40 A.M., SAR team members returned to the Santa Paula Canyon Trailhead with the 10 missing hikers. The hikers were reunited with their guardians and fortunately did not require any medical aid. 
The Upper Ojai Search and Rescue (SAR) Team consists of approximately 28 volunteers skilled in search and rescue operations in mountain, canyon and urban settings.  The team volunteers on average 4000 hours per year on searches, rescues, training and public events.

More at Sources:




https://www.conejovalleyguide.com/dosomethingblog/the-punch-bowls-in-santa-paula#:~:text=The Santa Paula Canyon Trail,4 to 6 hour excursion.




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Apple today announced it is extending free access to Emergency SOS via satellite for an additional year for existing iPhone 14 users.



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