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Troop 1 Southborough, MA Big Trip July, 2019 - Iceland

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27 Current and former Boy Scouts from Troop 1 Southborough along with 13 adult volunteers took a “Big Trip” to Iceland in late July of 2019. Following a long-standing tradition, the scouts of Troop 1 voted for this destination in several rounds in the Winter and Spring of 2018 to take this once-every-four-years trip.

The Big Trip team of five senior scouts, Anthony Zalev, Alexander Forrest, Joseph Greene, Zane Walter, and Garrett Goodney and Scoutmaster Jim Greene spent the next 14 months planning the adventure that saw the Troop camp in five different campsites and visit over 20 destinations during their 8-day adventure.

Forty people made the 8-day journey that consisted of almost 5,000 miles traveled by air, 1,000 miles traveled by bus, and 70 miles travelled by foot around the beautiful country of Iceland. Our 40 adventurers camped using 25 tents in 5 separate campsites. We had 3 restaurant meals and prepared 23 meals for ourselves. We brought 6 stoves and sets of cooking equipment, we purchased two canopies in Iceland along with most of our food and consumed 24 liters of propane, 2 liters of white gas, and 2 pounds of isobutane. Our itinerary consisted of 24 activities (8 of which required a fee) and we were able to do it all for the thrifty cost of roughly $1,600 per person. Being in a foreign land with its unique topology, foods, sparse population centers, unique language, currency, and on the metric system presented a number of challenges, but it made the adventure one truly worthy of the title “Big Trip”.

News story and  fantastic photos:


Troop 1 trip daily log with photos (pdf)  <---Great read.


Well done.

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