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I'm new to the forum and was surprised to find that the local/external blog section was looking pretty inactive. Anyhow, I've added my scout-centric website to the external blog link. 


The Quartermaster Archive is an experiment. It's topics of focus are scouting, literature, and music, which were my primary interests when I was a scout in the 1990s. I'm trying to examine the strange intersections between these three subjects. For example, a recent post discusses JD Salinger and his novel The Catcher in the Rye. It's a minor detail, but Holden Caufield briefly describes his participation in the Boy Scouts. Another post profiles Rex Brown, bassist for the heavy metal supergroup Pantera, who was both a Boy Scout and Eagle Scout.


If you like the QA let me know. If you have suggestions or would like to submit a relevant story or photography, I'd happily consider it.


Are there any must-read Scout blogs beyond Scouter that people frequent? I'm relatively new to it, but the scouting blogosphere feels a little scattered and decentralized. Are there any good sites with comprehensive blog rolls? 



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