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Thanks for the great SM Minutes

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Just beginning my 2nd year as Scoutmaster and because of these forums I am also beginning to regularly use a SM minute at the close of our weekly meetings.


I was reluctant to do a SM minute since I was barely staying above water this past year trying to reorganize and keep our troop going. And, I didn't have a lot of confidence in my ability to say something meaningful that didn't come across as contrived or pithy.


But, your contributions to the SM Minutes have given me plenty of materials to use.


For the past couple of months, I have tried to find a minute that fits in with what the Scouts are currently working on or things I hear them talking about.


At first, the Scouts thought they were amusing and not sure what to make of my "closing comments." Then they started to say things like "oh wow" or "never thought of it that way." Now, they expect it and all gather in the circle looking at me, quietly waiting for me to say my minute before they do their traditional closing.


Thank you all. Hopefully, someday, I'll have my own minute to contribute!


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