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Parent Cannot Read for Youth Protection course

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What I did with my leaders that could not or would not get trained was bring a couple of laptops to the committee or leaders meeting and had them do it there.



If he can't read. meet him at somewhere with a wifi hotspot and help him create an account and help read him the questions and answer them.



It seems pretty easy to me.



Of course my volunteers can't pass background checks.....this is easy compared to that.

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I've had friends of mine with multiple learning disorders such as dyslexia. And if that was what was holding them back from taking a mandatory course like YPT in order to become a scouter and offer other skills and knowledge that they have, I'd be all over them with help.


One particular friend with dyslexia has graduated from college with an associates in forestry/horticulture. He could run circles around folks teaching LNT and forestry/horticulture/irrigation associated MBs.

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This will sound so stupid, but the case may actually be this simple:


At work, my boss had a computer. Pretty normal thing nowdays. but his was an old tube type monitor where the front to back dimensions were actually greater than the screen size. Must have been two feet thick - front to back.


Well, that monitor finally dies and the office manager went out and bougfht a nice new 20" flat scren monitor.


My boss complained for almost a week that the monitor was busted and didn't work.



You know...you could look at those glass front tube monitors from any angle you wanted and saw the picture the same.


But if you change the angle of most LCD or LED screns a little bit, it's worse than looking through welding glasses or a 35mm camera film negative.


You do remember what a film negative is right?


You do remember what film is ...right? :)



Just showing my age! :)

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"But if you change the angle of most LCD or LED screns a little bit, it's worse than looking through welding glasses or a 35mm camera film negative. "


Don't buy the cheap monitors that use older LCD technology. The decent ones have much better viewing angles. You get what you pay for.(This message has been edited by nolesrule)

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Time to take them aside and diplomatically but firmly state that BSA like any large organization has standards and requirements if they want to participate. Those standards are NOT optional and NOT subject to interpretation and NOT flexible.


IF they want to be an adult leader, they MUST take YPT ... and this is THEIR responsibility to get accomplished.


I would ask them flatly what the problem is, do they have a problem with the computer or a problem reading or some functional problem you can help them work around ... and if NOT, how do they expect to be regarded as a viable leader in Scouting when they can not follow the simplest rules or requirements?


Note that EVERYONE involved has liability if ANYONE involved is not compliant with the rules and regulations ... and that even the insurance might not protect folks if regulations for safe scouting and correct paperwork is not followed.


Then I would leave it in their court ... act or not.


Frankly, there is no way I would want someone who can not do something my 11 year old did in minutes ... for an ASM.


You do realize that the boys (scouts) can take all the training courses also ... and it is probably a good idea for them to do so ...


The more common understanding of safety and youth protection and scouting standards the youth / boys have ... the easier it is to get everyone going the same way with common expectations in scouting ...


I would have his son do the YPT ... and see if that gets "dad" off his duff to at least catch up with his son and the other youth taking it.

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