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I was doing some internet surfing about scouts and came across the Woodbadge course. I had heard about additional training, but always had ignored it. It took me almost a full year to complete my Basic training and Leader Specific training. *Ashamed*


I liked what I was hearing about the course the more I looked into it. I became a member of this board specifically to ask about Woodbadge. I decided to give it a go. I let my pack committee chair know I was thinking about going, and she said the pack would pay for it. At that point, I made a firm decision to attend.


I now wish I had taken it sooner rather than waiting 4 years, but I figure that between my sons I have at least another 10 to 12 years in a Pack or Troop. (First son crosses to boy scouts this next spring, second son joins cubs 2 months later)


The information was great, but getting to know other scouters outside my normal area was of a great benefit too.

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I did it for the right reasons and maybe the wrong reasons, and I'm glad I've done it and doing it.


1. Wayne Steinmetz the greatest Scoutmaster to don a Smokey, went to Wood Badge. He made sure all of his key leaders went to Wood Badge. So 25+ years later when I became a Scouter working with the youth. What else would I do? I went to Wood Badge.


2. I like training. I believe that consistent training for all leaders helps us to speak more effectively to one another and helps us to run a better program. I wanted to have all the tools possible.


3. I figured that training for Scouts would help me in my career as a Youth Pastor. Big surprise, it did. But it will help any one.


4. A week of camping and being one of the Scouts again rather than the leader, who could turn that down. Sometimes I get tired of being the adult. :-)


5. I am an achievement oriented person. I tend to believe that the standards for awards are put in place as a model of keys to being efective. So, if you hit quality unit every year, you are on the way to having a truly quality unit. Taking the prerequisites for Wood Badge and then Wood Badge would help me to be a better Scouter.


6. I was in Nepal 2 years ago where I met a "Scout Teacher" (unit leader) there who had all of the WB regalia. That was before I knew it was a worldwide program. I figured if it was there too it must be good.


7. Where else can you spend the week hanging out with other people who think Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden Powell is a hero!


8. The guy at Scout Fair said I should go.


9. I needed a $235 tax deduction. (not really)


10. Everyone that I knew who was having the influence in Scouting that I wanted to have had been.


11. I like having things on my uniform. It's part of what drove me to advance in Scouting. That's not a bad thing, I learned much and am a better person for the process of becoming an Eagle and holding many leadership positions. I still like working towards awards, earning post-graduate degrees, certifications etc. So yes I wanted the beads, the woggle and the neckerchief.


Hey Cajuncody - congrats on finishing you ticket. Have them presented either in a place where it will inspire youth or adults or both. I personally chose Roundtable.

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