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small troop - wide variety of ability & interest?

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we have a small troop - 18 - 20 boys. Mostly 12 - 13, some 14. 2- 11's, 2- 16's.


they have a wide range of ability and interests, some like long, strenuous activities, some like hiking and biking, but want shorter trips. some want to "go & see" museums, history stuff, spend a night on a sub, that kind of stuff. others think that's boring and want high adventure hiking, biking, climbng trips.


How do you accomodate a variety of interests without watering it down too much for the high adventure group, or making it too much of a marathon for the low-key ones?


We really don't have the adults to do totally different, multiple outings in a month.


any suggestions?

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It is perfectly reasonable and acceptable for Scouts to do things without adults. If three or four boys want to go to a musuem, let them go. They might have to take public transportation but that's part of the experience. There's really no need for adults to tag along on every excursion.



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