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Web Application to Manage Badge History - Gift to Scouting Movement

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Hi Everyone!


I am a Cub Leader in Oxford Station outside of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I create Enterprise Web applications for a living and if there is one thing we are really missing, it is a tool to manage Badge History. We need something that has the ability to record the Completion Status of a Badge, something that can transfer Badge History from Cubs to Scouts or between a City, Province or Country.


I have created a web application to manage Badge History that uses cutting edge technology. Any Leader (Cub, Scout, etc) can assign Badges to their Scouts. The Leader can track and record the Completion or Presentation status of a Badge, transfer Badge History, export a Badge Shopping List and so much more. It's a dream to use, quick to setup; almost everything is a point and click.


The Parent can also interact with the system to indicate the Completion of Requirements to achieve a Badge. When a Badge is flagged as Complete the system automatically routes an email to the Leader for pro-active follow-up.


The system is also private; it does not have any form or mechanism to capture personal information! It uses a combination of unique numbers that are issued to the Parent to retrieve Badge History.


Currently we have Leaders from Australia, Belgium, Canada, England and Wales working with the system. We need your help to test it and provide feedback. Any assistance in getting the word out to Leaders and Scouts would be much appreciated.



As mentioned this is a Free tool, a gift to the Scouting Movement Worldwide. There is nothing to install, nothing to download!


Check it out at www.formthis.com and click Login at the top of the page. Then try the Demo account to get a feel for this Innovative Web Application.


If you would like to get a feel of the quick setup, review the Help File here...




Or if you are on a high speed connection have a look at the YouTube video here...




Together can we create an innovative Badge Management system for Scouting!




Rob (aka Baloo)

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