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cubmaster's disappearing packet

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I'm doing some work on a district webelos-scout transition plan (as it stands, there isn't one). There's tons of stuff on the web, some good, some not. One thing I've run across is a "cubmaster's disappearing packet." In some cases this seems to be a rather old document and in some cases a fairly up-to-date document.


My questions: Have you heard of this and if so, what worked and/or didn't work in your experience from this document? Thanks.

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I have heard of this and, in fact, just a few weeks ago my Unit Commissioner gave me the portion of the disappearing packet appropriate for my rank (Cubmaster). My portion of the packet seems to be comprised of fairly up-to-date materials.


I don't have a lot of experience with the packet yet (since I just got it), but having read the materials I am looking forward to using it to make sure that our Webelos do cross over into Boy Scouts and not "disappear" from Scouting themselves.



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