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What equipment does every troop need

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Getting a patrol of 5-6 scouts to cook meals in a backpackers cookset just didn't work out for us.


Yah, I'm not surprised! Wrong numbers, eh?


Yeh can't feed 6 people with a single burner and a 1-2 person backpacker's pot set. Yeh have to match the capacity yeh had with the table top.


Da troops I know that do this well have two stoves per patrol of 6-8, with two of the larger backpacker pot sets (they usually buy 'em individually, though, not as a set). Gets yeh the same capacity, but with lightweight equipment. The patrol can have two burners crankin' out pancakes or spaghetti (twice the number of boys learning how to cook compared to the "big pot/pan" is an added bonus). Or the patrol can have one stove doin' dinner in two rounds while the other one bakes a cake for dessert. CA's right, eh? Yeh also have to teach 'em how to plan and cook. That's part of the fun.


But like I said, if you're only doin' car camping, and you're sure your adults will always only be interested in car campin', then what's important is just that each patrol have its own gear to match your camping style. So yeh should get each patrol its own set of car campin' gear. If yeh let the boys choose, then from what I've seen they'll choose the lighter and simpler, more adventurous stuff most of the time. They want to set up, cook fast, and go play!




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We usually utilize 1 stove per 2-3 scouts. Since our patrols have been small, this generally means 2 per patrol. But we are looking at picking up a few new ones to help accommodate the upcoming growth.


A few scouts have their own stoves, but this has not really not caught on as a desireable piece of personal gear, probably because of the cost.

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