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SemperParatus as usual gave you great info...

And as much as I love chuck boxes you might want to check out several threads in these forums about alternatives. Our troop uses these things a couple of time a month and they are great but options do exist...so before you jump in a shorten a few fingers, spend time and money on something you may later not like... give the alternatives some thought..

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one more thing...review, before you commit to a 'plan', the weight of these things...

the 30-32 inch boxes are heavy; the 40 inch boxes are a bear! With the 40 incher, the boys are carrying the weight of a full 4X8 sheet of 3/4 ply...plus whatever gear/food you put in it...we have two of them...they are great(!)... and are now 'Adult' kitchens. It takes 4 small boys to horse a full one up high enough put the legs in.

Most of ours (we have 6 others) are the first two types on SemperParatus' web site...don't get me wrong... we love our patrol boxes, but lots of folks are going a different route...check the forum and meditate on it....(and I love how some of our guys 'personalize' their patrol boxes!)

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