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Picky Eaters and Restrictive Diets

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Basementdweller, there is always more to a story in terms of interpersonal dynamics, systems, and processes, but the one thing we DON'T have is a parent dictating a menu in any fashion. These menus are always boy planned, boy shopped, and boy prepared. Submitted to the SPL for approval.


We do have one momma who would like to see the boys mix it up food wise, choose other fruits than grapes and apples, but at this point she is saying that it is because her son suggests that change for every menu plan and is always shot down. I also sit on rank BOR's and hear one of our gluten free kids say the other boys tease him about his "special" foods. I have the SM laugh when he tells how his son refused to eat the first class meal that a gluten free kid prepared because he likes "real" plancakes so the SM's son left the patrol site at meal time, begged some food off of another patrol, and then walked around the campsite eating the other food. The SM didn't redirect his son on this and so none of the other ASMs did either. SM came to the committee asking us to come up with a plan for dealing with these food issues because he doesn't know what to do. At least SM sees there is an issue and he asked for help when he didn't know what to do. Does he really want help or is he just making an appearance of wanting help? Don't know. Maybe a small group of adults can look at this and put together a recommendation for how the troop addresses the issues in general and keep our focus on the patrol method. So, yes, we have other issues.


And one of our issues may well be that the boys, as you mention, just want to take the easy way out and prepare the same menus. Maybe education about how tasty a veggie meal can be. Maybe too much prep work in a veggie meal as Beavah suggested. Perhaps we need to change how meals are budgeted. Right now scouts are given a budget of $2/meal/kid and they have to feed everyone within that.


I just took a look at the outings list for this weekend. One patrol of five boys has two regular diets, one milk protein allergy, one vegetarian, and one gluten free. Not sure how I would cook for these boys. These boys are 11 yrs old. Since the grubmaster had to have someone drive him to the store and buy the foods, I'm asking his momma what the meal plan was for this trip and to ask her son how the planning for that went. Grubmaster happens to be the milk protein allergy kid. If we don't know how it's currently happening, we don't even know if we have an issue.


We also have an iron chef patrol competition coming up. Not sure what the mystery ingredient will be, but my guess is it will be a meat rather than an eggplant or even a form of fish.


I'm a strong supporter of the patrol method. Meals are an important part of that. Food issues like intolerance, allergy, and even philosophical choice are a reality. Ways to deal with them can range from it's your problem to how can we work together. Forum responses here have been very helpful.


Regarding the PLC, I'm seeking information from them. Can't imagine it is a good idea to try to come up with a policy/guideline for something that may impact them without seeking information from them first. They may have a totally different take on the issue than the SM. I don't really know what will happen with the recommendations we put forth, but we will recommend they go to the PLC for comment/feedback and are not just implemented by adults.

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