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Which High Adventure Base is more Wild

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Personally, I've never been to Philmont, other "high adventure" bases, Nationaql Jamborees and such. Too costly and the Boy Scout Equivalent of Disneyland is my impression/supposition.


I have no objection at all for people using those facilities. But I can find plenty of high adventure and wilderness in the mountains of Washington State, British Columbia or Oregon by walking up almost any valley that doesn't have a road or trail.


My bias is to keep Scouting costs low. That can be a REAL adventure these days!



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Philmont, unexplored and untouched, you have never been. Even 30 years ago we walked a lot of jeep trails, cough cough, gravel roads around.


You pick up your food every couple of days, hmmmmm,


I understand it is one of the holy grails of scouting and every boy should go, but it honestly isn't high adventure.


Brentallens, description and photos ARE OUTSTANDING, I would love to take a group of boys or at least send my son.



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