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High Adventure RACE

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Our unit has been tasked with producing a High Adventure experience that is low-cost and local. The boys discussed this and at first decided that they would do a 50-miler in the ranch/farm country around our city. Then the idea to make it a race was proposed and you could see their pupils dilating.


Has anyone carried out an "adventure race" before for Scouts? Are there any units in South Texas (or even further away) that would be interested in competing?


This is not a fundraiser, again, keeping with the mandate given us by our chartered org. The cost is $75 per boy. Our boys are hammering out the details in a registration packet that will be available before Christmas. If you have experience with this kind of thing, please post quickly so we can incorporate your advice into our plan.


Here's the skinny on what the competition will be like: Stage One, Cycling and Backpacking 10 miles, First Aid Competition at simulated accident; Stage Two, Backpacking 10 miles, Service Project; Stage Three, Backpacking 10 miles, Tracking El Chupacabra through the ranches; Stage Four, Backpacking 10 miles, Rock Climbing/Rappelling Competition; Stage Five, Canoeing, Portaging, and Backpacking 10 miles, Rifle Shooting Competition. Course will end with a pool party, bbq, and awards ceremony.


Competitors must be 14-20 years old and registered with BSA. Dates: August 4-8, 2008. Place: Laredo, Texas. This is a team competition made up of 8-man teams.

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