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Wind Chill Guidelines?

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I don't like winter and hate being cold.

Bing the person I am I can't leave a store that sells camping equipment without buying the newest and latest equipment.

You name it and I'll bet I have it!!

I like to think that if I'm away and it does get cold, I'm prepared for it.

But I just don't think being out in the cold is my idea of fun.

So I don't go.

I'm happy to drive a group of Scouts who want to go and have the right gear and training. If for some reason adults are needed I'm happy to help find them.

Being cold makes me more miserable than I already am!

I hate it when my mustache freezes.

No matter what I seem to do once my feet get cold they remain cold.

I have tried drinking lots of non-alcoholic hot drinks, soup and the like the result is that I end up having to get up during the night to answer a call of nature and my feet get cold!!

Hiking and staying in cabins or Youth hostels isn't as bad.

But I'm far happier to remain home with HWMBO and the dogs.

Occasionally I might get the cold shoulder, but at least my feet are nice and warm. -85 pound of dog makes a great foot warmer!!


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