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Trade Denver Area Council CSP's and Others

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Hi. I'll trade any CSP for our local council CSP. Our Council is the Denver Area Council, and it adopted a new CSP just this year. The new CSP looks like the old one, but has the council web site address on it.


I'll also trade Tahosa Lodge 383 flaps for any lodge flaps. Tahosa just this year went to three separate patches for ordeal, brotherhood, and vigil. Patch has significantly different look from last year's flap.


Send up to 3 CSP's or lodge flaps from any council or lodge with your SASE and I'll return equal number of the new DAC CSP or new Tahosa flaps. If you want ordeal, brotherhood or vigil flaps in particular, please indicate.


Send to:


Jim Underhill

5625 S. Newport St.

Greenwood Village, CO 80111


If you want to trade jamboree, commerative, out of print or other CSP's or patches, email to denver4und@aol.com and we'll talk.


YIS, jim

(This message has been edited by denver4und@aol.com)(This message has been edited by denver4und@aol.com)

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