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Can We Replace Our Committee Chair?

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What's the Scoutmaster's opinion of all this?


While this is really a committee problem, I would think the SM's opinion would carry great weight with both the COR and CC. If I were the COR I would certainly pay attention if the SM were of the opinion that a change in the CC was needed. And if I were CC and the SM suggested to me that it is time to move on, I would likely take the advice.


I think you are going about this pretty well. Give the CC a while to smoke it over then have the COR or SM bring it up with her again. This is like any other relationship. You've got to go about it the right way. If people feel like their being pushed out, they will push back. Use the best resources (people) you have to make your best case with the CC.


Of course, if the COR, SM and CC disagree with you, then you're barking up the wrong tree all together.

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