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  1. Gold Winger, You are a class act my friend. It's funny, I was thinking of doing the same thing to my profile, you beat me to it. By the way, I just posted on E-bay that we will have a new knot, and you should see the auction go. I mean, why else would we go through the expense to create this knot except for money. We sure didn't think of it to get this great reaction that we have. By the way, I'm kidding on the E-bay thing.
  2. Mr White, Or should I say, Lord BoB White? The soap box is a little high my friend. The only ego I see being thrown around is your own. Take a deep breath and just let it go. Show me the rule against making a patch. Also, I'm sure if you leave Troy your address he might send you a free one and he may even call it your idea if it would help.
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