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    Leadership positions

    NJ, Bob and Longhaul make valid points. We are using the troopguides in the regular patrols as instructors, not really as troop guides and should refer to them as such. One point on the patrol quartermaster question, we have combined this function with what would be the grub master position.
  2. dperry3568

    Leadership positions

    Yes: We have two troop guides assigned per each of the two new scout patrols. We picked up 17 new scouts this year and now have 52 scouts in the troop. We have one troop guide per patrol in the existing patrols with about 10 scouts per patrol. About 1/2 of the scouts in the existing patrols are now working on Star or above The intention of a larger patrol is to assure that when we go on overnights, even if we only have 1/2 of the scouts in a patrol, we still have a meaningful food group. We do not combine patrols unless we have only one scout from a patrol going on a trip. The Troop Guides are responsible for the training aspects in the patrol. We also occaisionally pull them to do one on one training with the new scouts. The patrol leader is the "tester" on rank advancement sign-off. The Guides sign on the left side of page in the book after teaching, the patrol leader on the right side of the page after testing. Since we are after proficiency in the basic skills we feel that this gives us some checks and balances in the process.
  3. dperry3568

    Leadership positions

    We have just restructured our troop to accomodate the new scouts crossing over this month to Boy Scouts, as well as better support the patrol method of Scouting. In each Patrol the leadership positions are Patrol Leader, Assistant Patrol Leader, scribe, Quartermaster and Troop Guide. According to the scouting book, only Patrol leader and Troop Guide qualifies for leadership toward rank advancement. My concern is that, if executed properly, the quarter master roll in the patrol can be a just as meaningful leadership position as the patrol leader especially with the emphasis we are putting on this position. Is there any reason that we cannot have multiple quartermasters in the troop and count this toward rank advancement (especially if carried out properly)? Included in the Quartermasters responsibilities would be patrol gear care and maintenance, meal planning/purchase assignments and duty roster.
  4. I have been having difficulties with the scouts in my troop taking responsibility for and following through on weekly phone chains for communication purposes. I am looking for some type of interactive exercises that I could do as a troop and within patrols that would help the scouts learn about and understand the importance of effective and complete communication. Any ideas would be appreciated.