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  1. Good Luck, It was one of the most meaningful training sesions I have ever attended. Re your tickets(5) each for my classmates. They do not have to be anything tough, just set some realistic goals and achieve them. Mine range from helping all eligable youth obtain there 50 miler this summer when we go canoeing to organizing my scout records at home. As to your patrol project (KISS) keep it simple stupid. Oh ya Eagles critters rule! Have fun, enjoy the time you are there - its one of the few times in life you get to be a kid again. Back to Gilweel, happy land.
  2. I also recently allowed the boys to choose a T-shirt style and then "told" our committee of ther Boys idea's and they thaught it was a good idea and all purchased one themselves. Sounds as if your ex-SM needs to step back and let someone else work with the boys in a "youth run program"!, By the way I also am a graduite of the wood badge course and what he is doing isout of line in my opinon. Good luck
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