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  1. When I was asked to become our District Chairman, we had 65 units and about 1,200 youth. A month later, it was announced we were merging with another District, and we went up to 2,300 youth and 100 units. We now have over 3,000 youth and 185 units. Typically, our District Chairmen serve for 2 years. Remember, this is also the only elected position a volunteer holds. In my case, every time my time limit was coming to a close, we'd get a new District Executive, and they would ask me to stay on for one more year. Finally, last November, when our newest Senior D. E. came on board, I told him
  2. This is my 7th and last year as District Chairman. We've gone through 5 D. E's at this time. My Council President has also been here for 7 years. We are working on our 4th Quality District Award. Remember that for a D E, everything is a career move. No matter how much they might like an area they're serving in, if they are still there after three years, somethings wrong.
  3. I'm a District Chairman for the Tahquitz District, California Inland Empire Council. Our Councin President does the hiring of our District Executives, however, he does allow me and two of my District Committee to interview the person he would like to hire. At this point, we haven't had a reason to say "no", but I would in a heartbeat if I thought they weren't right for a District of 3,000 youth and 185 units.
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