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  1. Thanks everybody for the comments! I'm meeting with all the parents this Saturday to discuss and develop a game plan.
  2. Hi all. I'm a semi-new Den leader with a Den of 4 Tiger Cubs. Outside of Den meetings, all the boys are well behaved, respectful kids. I know this firsthand having had some of them over to play with my son on non-scouting occaisons. However, when we all get together for Den meetings, that behavior seems to go OUT of the window and they want to basically display the exact opposite behavior they normally exhibit. Have any of you also experienced this and if so, how did you deal with it? I have talked with the parents about instituting a code of conduct, similar to what they all have in their 1st grade classrooms. This would be used in conjunction with a mnemonic device involving a scouting word they all know that each word would be something to foster better behavior at den meetings. The "code" would be introduced and explained to them. If they all exhibit they behavior associated with the code of conduct, marbles representing that would go into a small "goal jar". When the goal jar is filled, then all would go to ice cream. I would be very interested to hear how other have dealt with this. Thanks!
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