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  1. You guys are the BEST!! Thank you for all the helpful suggestions, I now have a much clearer idea of where the new Troop needs to go and a better path forward I'm so looking forward to the girls joining and seeing how the values of Scouting shapes these young women. -Denise
  2. Hello Scouters! I am positioned to be the new Scoutmaster for our girls youth Troop starting next year and am honored to have been approached by our Committee to fill this role! I'm trying to wrap my head around getting program started for these new youth. As much as I want the Troop to be youth lead, I also realize that the youth will be starting with little to no scouting experience. I believe a couple of the girls have been with GSA, most have not, and have only experienced Scouting through their brothers. We will be sharing a Charter, Committee and ASMs. I should be able to leverage most of our existing ASMs to help teach Scout skills to the new youth (EDGE method) but ultimately I want to get to the point where the girls are doing this for themselves, similar to the boy's Troop. My questions are related to experiences with starting brand new Troops. How did you initially plan program? Did you just arbitrarily plan out the first few months and then let the youth start planning thereafter? What youth leadership positions do you consider absolutely necessary? Obviously SPL and PL. Troop Guide / Instructor ?? Do we have to have an ASPL? I'm sure I'll have more questions as we get closer to launching. We're having our first recruiting event in a couple of weeks so I'm sure these questions and more will come up. Thank you all for any insight you can provide! Yours in Scouting, Denise Bautista
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