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  1. Thanks, some good advice. Definitely not worried about being on the other side of the aisle/separating from the scouts. I'm 26 years old, not saying that's old just a pretty big age difference and was an active ASM for about a year and wasn't an issue. When I was at camp worked as a director and managed staff and program area. I worried most about perception and it seems that is something that will be common no matter what I decide to do and will be important to establish the why of what I'm doing.
  2. I'd think this is a pretty straight forward audit...look at the expenditures for anything irregular. Identify with bank whom can write checks/visa/etc. Examine deposits for the expected $$$ from dues, camping, etc. Unless this is one of those 200 person troops shouldn't be rocket science.
  3. So some quick background. I grew up in scouts going to Philmont, Boundary Waters, etc. Got my eagle when I was 15 and worked at a camp in Missouri through about age 21. Since then graduated college and working in Dallas in a good job and miss the "service" aspect and working with youth I had in scouting. I'd like to get involved again, could even go back to my old troop, but I wondered what the general feel is of those in scouting about leaders in their late 20's with no kids in the program? My troop growing up would have a leader with no kids, even our scoutmaster, but they were a
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