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  1. Spent a week at Bayport this summer. They have a new website at www.bayportsr.org. You can read my comments at http://troop11bsa.org/barnes_blog/. If you have any specific questions, ask away! Dick
  2. I had the pleasure of briefly meeting and speaking with Msgr. Brady at summer camp this year. He has been looking after the spiritual welfare of campers for many years now, and you can tell he really enjoys being in the outdoors with the Scouts. I can only hope that I can remain as active as he is when I get to be his age! Dick
  3. We were at Camp Bonner two years ago and they had a good program. The only drawback to our stay was the heat and high humidity (really, really hot), and the biting black gnats that seemed to attack late in the afternoon for about an hour. Nothing fazed them ... deet attracted them! The food was ok (standard camp fare) and the dining hall air conditioned. We'd go back again. You might also look at Bayport Scout Reservation in Middlesex County, VA. It's brand new, has great facilities and some unique programs and will open for its inaugural year in 2007. See the Colonial Virginia Council we
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