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  1. Yeah this has been a nightmare and seems like the pack is about to fall part!
  2. Thanks to all that sent me information. Now time to do what needs to be done
  3. I need as many facts as I can get that I can bring to the CM but if the CM will not do anything about it then I will go to the COR. I am not going to back down or run to another pack. This pack is fine but has this one issue that I want to solve and move on.
  4. 1.) I am here for the kids. 2.) I will do whatever needed to protect the pride and honor of scouting! 3.) Read the last post about the cub master! 4.) I came on here for friendly feedback and more information so I can be fully ready before taking this issue to the next phase
  5. I forgot to post that the cub master seems to not have the balls to stand up to this person so everyone else in the pack feels like they are being run over! If things go unchanged the pack may find itself coming to a end!
  6. Talking to the farther is as good as talking to a brick wall. He thinks he is correct and every body else is wrong. He says he went to council and they said "He can skip wolf". He has a history of snapping at committee members or parents of children in the pack.
  7. No that is not the case. This father say's that his child went though the entire wolf book during the summer and therefore can start as a bear when the rest of the bears are older than him and in the next grade.
  8. I am in a pack somewhere in Ohio. We have a new committee chair person who has decided that it is his job to run the pack instead of the cubmaster. There is several people aware of this but no one is sure how to handle it. Somehow his son skipped a whole rank over the summer and not even the cubmaster is sure if this is allowed. This person is changing rules, policies and anything he sees fit to change and is ripping the pack apart. Last year the pack seemed to run fine but this year is a nightmare. No one knows when we are doing stuff or times because is doing a newsletter system on e-mail that not everyone is getting this e-mail which is causing a lot of confusion within the pack. I need help and input on this situation!
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