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  1. Concur Also, I have a feeling that military action might not be too far off in the distance and we do not want to begin such action with our flags at half-staff. Our thoughts and prayers are still with the victims, their families, rescue workers, and our armed forces.
  2. I thank those who answered my questions under topic troop committee. I have two more scenarios: 1) You have a front porch with two pillars, one on each side of the steps going up to the porch. You have the American Flag on one and the State flag on the other. The American flag goes on the left side facing the house (presenter's right)? 2) You are at BSA camp and post your troop flag and the American flag at the entrance to your camp site. The American flag again goes on the left side as you enter the camp site (presenter's right) and the troop flag goes on the right side as you ente
  3. Normally, the US flag goes on the speaker's right if on a stage or platform. Is there any circumstance when the US flag would go to the speaker's left such as if the flags were posted in front of the speaker's platform, etc.?
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