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  1. You know. "THE UNIFORM POLICE" The one person in any group who takes great pride in telling everyone there uniform is wrong. I still wear my Woodbabge patrol patch. He tells me I'm wrong all the time. So I went and bought on off E-Bay that is non BSA just to bug him. HAHAHAHAHA.
  2. The jacket I got from Woolrich the only number on it is on the neck tag. Next to Official Jacket is WPL 6635 . Now for NON BSA garments, I dont think the hand book covers non BSA cloths. So anything you put on the garment is fine. As long as you dont try to pass it off as an Official garment. The Uniform Police will come down hard on you. The only thing I think I might put on my jacket is the BSA patch, US Flag, and Wood badge critter.
  3. I don't have a Number. All I did was ask if they had a Boy Scout Wool Jacket.
  4. I wonder if you can use a Wood Badge back patch? Ive seen a few nice Wood badge back patches. I also bought my jacket from Woolrich. They made the jacket for the BSA. I paid $80.00 + Shipping and handling. You need to call them its not on there web site. Used to be a Beaver
  5. I saw the new pants to day. YESSSSSSS. They go on sale this THU. I was told $40.00. Let's hope they hold up to hard wear. Now if we can get a workable shirt.
  6. It looks like we are all in the same boat and we are all shouting at the wind. I think I will take along a ball cap made for a our reservation and my expedition cap and see which on they will let me wear.ThanksIdolove a great support group. At least we all have the same probs. Rule's and paper work. Got to love it. What I'm going to hate about my Wood Badge Course is Arkansas is playing Texas and I can't even hear the game.
  7. acampbell

    Head Gear

    Here is my question. I need to wear the right headgear for Wood Badge. What is the right headgear for Den Leaders. I hope it's not the Bear or Wolf cap. We really need to change uniforms. I have an expedition hat . Is this right or O.K. I called the Scout Master in charged of the Wood Badge course. All he said was wear what I was authorized to wear. O.K. what is that. My best friend is Cub master what is he to wear HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I'm looking for a true type font that looks like the numbers on the uniform?
  9. Thanks for all your help. We do have a great group of leaders.
  10. I'm looking for a patch I say last night. It's a joke patch. The top of the patch say's "Scouting" or Cub Scouting" there are two patches. On the bottom it say's "Only one hour a week" I'ts has been our unoffical war cry. Thanks
  11. I tend to agree with alot of folk on here. I don't think that camo BDU's need to be warn with Scouts. I do wear the OG BDU pants. The work alot better in the field than scout pants. If you want your scouts to blind in to tree so they won't be shot. Don't hike during hunting or areas where there are hunters.
  12. My dad was stationed at Fort Eustis when I started Scouts I'm looking for any patches from the dark ages you know the 1970's I was a Cub and Weblow. Thanks Richard Bailey Pack 431
  13. I can understand not wearing camo,black or any other camo pattern. I have just started as a Cub Leader I was wondering about the Green BDU pants with out the camo pattern. The seem tougher than reg pants.
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