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  1. Most of ours is staff and a few counslers. I do recall that no one liked this SMBC and he hasn't been asked backed. I myself had a run in with him as he wanted to know where my buddy was (buddy system) and how did I get through the rope that was in place to enter waterfront. Lol I was like I unhooked the rope and walked in duh!!!!
  2. Haven't never seen or heard of blue cards. Our summer camp does not have anything like that. Maybe the MBC has it but not the scout The scount has a schedule of classes to be at and the time to be there. At the end of the class they leave and go to the next one. None of them have anything in their possession of what they done in class. I will be bringing the blue cards up at the next meeting thou as it sounds like a means to not have something like this happen again.
  3. Not sure on the record keeping, but yes 2019 is the year he did the SMB. He was going to go to the Aquatic center and redo it but I just dont think that's right....
  4. The Camp Director which is also the our Scoutmasters wife is telling me since there is no paper trail that the scout (my son) has to redo the swimming class. Although at the time she wasn't Camp Director, yet still knows that he took the class. Not sure why the person over the waterfront at that time did not do their part correctly, but there is so many scouts from our troop that knows my son did the class. It's just been a headache but tomorrow morning we have to be at the scout office for ILST so I will be bringing this up as some if not all the council should be there. I just wanted to get
  5. Hi, I am a Leader with troop 85. My son is a star scout at the moment. The year before the covid appeared during summer camp he had done all the requirements for his Swimming MB. The Problem became the person who was over the swimming did not do his part and mark the paperwork that the scout had done everything required and not just for my child but many others, perhaps all that took the class. So now I am in argument for the past few years that just isn't right. He took the class did all he was asked to do but because the teacher did not do his part the scout has to redo all of it or cho
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