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  1. Hey all thanks for all the input.Didn't mean to start a major debate,Should've seartched the archives.I don't think smokers are bad people,but I do think it should be done away from the boys.I'm sure some of them never thought a thing about it.I wouldn't make it an issue if it was going to hurt the pack,my aunt was one of them.I don't think they know there is a policy at all.The policy will at least let them know BSA suggests it should be done away from scouts.
  2. Hi all, we just started a new cub scout pack in our small town.Everyone is new to scouting from Cubmaster down.We are all learning and trying to get on our feet.I want to know if BSA has a smoking policy.What I mean is,does BSA have any written rules against smoking (parents,den leaders,cubmaster)at cub scout outings?We were at a cub scout outing this weekend and was apalled to see our CM smoking in front of kids.He kinda tried to hide it ,but there were scouts close by and I know they had to see.Is this acceptable?
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