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  1. I tried really hard to restrain myself from getting involved in this, I really did, and I might regret it later, but I just have to say this... Bob White and FOG bicker like schoolchildren. I would like to say that you are both very useful resources for information regarding the wide spectrum of boy scout knowledge, and I have no doubt that you both harbor an incredible passion for scouting, but you also seem to harbor an incredible passion for fighting with each other. Yes, maybe I shouldn't get involved, but keep in mind that there are youth members of this forum as well. What
  2. In Spy Game with Robert Redford and Brad Pitt, Pitt's character was a boy scout. During the Vietnam war, Redford, a covert operative for the CIA, recruited Pitt's character to be the sniper for some mission to kill some South Korean [i think] head honcho. Redford interview's Pitt's character, and one of his questions is, "Where did you learn to shoot?" Pitt answers "The boy scouts, sir," and at first, Redford thinks he's kidding [he's not, though:)] Pitt, along with a Vietnamese soldier fighting with the Americans, agree to take on the mission, but are seen by an enemy helicopter. Blah b
  3. I must admit that I'm not very well educated in the politics of boy scout issues such as these, but being a Venturer myself, I feel I am qualified to make a few comments. First, I have benefitted in a great many ways from my four years in Venturing. I first joined because a few friends of mine were members and they lured me by describing the trip to Assateague, VA they were planning for that summer, a place I'd wanted to go ever since reading the "Misty of Chincoteague" books. I met a lot of new people through Venturing since then, and I've been exposed to a great many situations that I
  4. NJ- Oh, eye-rolling schmeyerolling. It's fun to be silly and ridiculous. Heh, I'll probably end up to be an embarassing mom some day... either that, or a really cool mom. *ponders* No, I'll most likely be horrid... muahaha (This message has been edited by Campfire Fairy)
  5. OT- I can indeed picture a rockette-esque kick, as you described it, being performed by OGE and the like, and I'll bet it was hilarious! What a coincidence that it's a rockette-esque kick and Mistah L is... well, I won't say... OGE- I'm sorry I couldn't make it to your beating- I mean, beading ceremony, but my grandparents needed me to help them out again with some things. Congrats! MK- "I also love to sing all the patriotic songs. And most everyone either knows the words, or can fake them well enough to get by until they learn them for real." ...........I am a very good faker
  6. Anybody out there watch Jeopardy this past Wednesday night? I happened to catch the Final Jeopardy round, and the question went something like this: "In 1908, the techniques he used to train Army troops were also used to write the handbook/manual [i'm not sure which word they used] for an organization he founded for young boys." The answer: Who is Baden-Powell? None of the contestants knew the answer, but due to my Boy Scoutness, I did. This excited me greatly, but I settled down after my grandfather made fun of me for whooping and doing a little I-knew-the-answer dance.
  7. Oh, oh! I know the Streets of London! Well... most of it...
  8. OT, I definitely agree that we should teach the boys a few of *our* songs. And I do know One Tin Soldier. *smiles angelically* We'll have to get Campaholic and serenade them sometime. Except that... I can't sing... so it won't be too pretty I would greatly appreciate your songbook. You'd be my newest hero. Again... because I think you were a hero in the past for something, as well... At any rate, OGE, I like that one with the meadows... it has horses in it Oh, and I would like to state that I fully appreciate the smileys. In other forums and such, I find it disheartening that
  9. DS and eisley~ Many thanks for your suggestions. I'll definitely look into finding a songbook. OGE~ Alas, perhaps my Muse-ness expertise is limited to the area of the visual arts. At any rate, I will work on my boy scout songs for the next camping trip. I thoroughly enjoyed both recitations. Or should I say, all three, since The Maker of the St. Crispin's Day Speech also recited The Raven for us. I had decided not to recite the one poem I have memorized; it would have been quasi-blasphemous for me to follow the St. Crispin speech and the Ballad of William Sycamore with Shel Si
  10. While I'm not necessarily new to Ventures (I've got four years under my belt now), I am ashamed to admit that I know virtually no boy scout camp songs. *is shamefaced* This was made painfully clear to me when, on a recent camping trip, everyone else burst into song one night sitting around the campfire. They took pity on me, The One Who Didn't Know the Words to Sing Along, and generously sang a song I knew: (I am almost embarassed to admit this...) Bingo. Apparently my repertoire of girl scout songs isn't cutting it. So, to spare me any further embarassment (don't get me wrong-
  11. I love how we brought in the cruelties of the world in general into this thread about the Scout Oath... I say to each his (or her!) own. The US Constitution has been around for 200+ years and we're still interpreting it in a zillion different ways. Just because the Scout Oath is a fraction of its length doesn't mean it won't have the same problem.
  12. Like OT, I don't have an answer, only my humble opinion. I firmly believe that this scout should NOT be asked to leave the troop. I'm sure it is a terrifying experience and to have any solid rock of support in this time would mean the world to him. I can't even begin to imagine the shock and remorse and the myriad of other emotions the father-to-be would be feeling, and to insist he leave Boy Scouting would only add more pressure and strain to an already-stressful situation. Like many others have already written, this boy probably needs Boy Scouts now more than ever. While I agree with OG
  13. I would just like to give props to the Boy Scout Camps for hiring females for ~any~ position. Girl Scout camps have yet to staff boys for positions other than groundskeeping and the cook, both of which have very limited exposure to the campers. As far as any behavior problems related to having female staff members in a boy scout camp, I think I would be surprised and suspicious if there weren't any such problems as secret admirers, and distasteful remarks. If you throw a girl in with a group of guys, regardless of location and affiliation with the boy scouts, there's going to be crushes a
  14. FatOldGuy- It's pretty much a proven fact that positive reinforcement works, and I highly doubt that the results are limited to kids and teenagers; adults respond just as positively to rewards and incentives. While I do agree that it's silly to spend the money for prizes for something a person does because he or she wants to, you can't honestly say that you don't like hearing a "Good job" or getting some sort of appreciative comment because of your presence or effort. That being said, I like SM406's suggestion of a Cheer Box. Though it might be cheesey, it's practical, thoughtful, and cheap,
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