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  1. I appreciate the advice - there were plenty of good moments, but the issues now are my son - Life working on Eagle, has seen the ugliness of the BSA enough that he just wants his Eagle and will be out - he'll not continue the tradition of being a leader... has seen too much ugly, sees what his parents are going through now and truly despises the very program we all honoured. The Charter Bear continues to growl, Council appears to have been neutered and National is a disgrace... so afraid to step in that they hide in their Ivory Tower in fear of reality outside their walls. The frustrat
  2. gpurlee - thank you for the kind words, very much appreciated. Why, however, do I feel as though the saying "no good deed goes unpunished" is most accurate?
  3. absolutely agree.... and not harbouring the bad feelings - there were great times seeing the proud smiles on our scouts' faces.... but the evil in some people absolutely destroy the good Scouting stands for... and they are rewarded and the "Ones" are downtrodden
  4. The Story of Mr. One For seven years I haven’t been known by my real name. I’m really not that indistinguishable from countless others in my ranks – over nine hundred thousand of us. All formerly known by names like Jim, Sue, Bobbie, Mr. or Mrs. Smith… but now, our name is One. Some One. Indulge me as I expand on this thought. Being a volunteer is often a thankless job. Most do it because they feel it’s their calling, or need in life, to help those less fortunate. Scouting is different. While yes, there are certainly some less fortunate, most are certainly most capable. S
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