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  1. I agree with you on a certain level. The troop is very much boy led. I eagled from this troop 1.5 years ago. The boys work hard year round and plan lots of events and do well. Last year's camp the scouts had no input or part of planning process. This gives them a break form planning and puts the stress on the adults and older scouts who choose to help plan just as it would when going to a regular scout camp. The PLC will have the same regular duties as they would at a regular scout camp. I have decided that they will choose a handful of merit badges they are interested in earning and we as adu
  2. Last year we hosted our first long term camp over winter break. The program was developed by one of the committee members and she did an amazing job, but with it being our first there are several things I plan on improving on now that I’ve been tasked with planning the show. I will be delegating several of the tasks like food planning and transportation arrangement. I’m still working on choosing the location and I have it down to about three state parks near by. I’d like to hear some of the ideas y’all have from past camps to add to my program. Some ideas I have now are: Merit badges,
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