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  1. Dear Jakesmom, My name is Susan Banks. I am a memebr of Troop 418 in Nanticoke, Pa. Recently I had the privilage of attending Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. There I had taken a Religious Emblem program. The orangization you are loking for is called PRAY< located in Minnesota. The man you need to contact is Mark Hazelwood, the director of Pray. They are an organization that puts out all the information with regards to Religious Emblems. He can be reached at mark@praypub.org or their web site is www.praypub.org do tell him I had refered you to them. If in a hurry as leaders we usually are, then go to your church. I'am sure they will be happy to help you. There are also a lot of web sites out there were you can get alot of information in a hurry. Also your council, or your cubmaster/scoutmaster should beable to help you as well. Some of the troops Committe Chairman/woman can also in many cases help too. I know as I was the Pack Committe Chair for a local Cub Scout Pack at one time. If you need any mofre help please feel free to email me at cakes302@aol.com I will try my best to help you. Take care and have fun Susan Banks
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