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  1. 2 hours ago, qwazse said:

    Welcome to the forums. Best of luck on your endeavors.

    The idea? Doesn't sell to me. My better scouts were venturers in a coed crew. Scouting in the company of girls did wonders for my boys.

    On the other hand, that you don't want to discriminate on the basis of religion would be a selling point at my church.

    Girl Scouts are still non-coed. Do you therefore, to be fair, condone their ongoing female-only policy? Why does it do Boy Scouts 'good' to add girls to the mix but not Girl Scouts 'good' to add boys to the mix? I think the current situation regarding scouting is entirely unfair to boys. Some boys want to get away from their sisters as far as possible. 

    Parents and children of both sexes should have the choice to scout coed or non-coed. What I propose to do is make things fair and just for boys to level the gender playing field. 

    I don't want to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation either. 

  2. I'm interested in seeing an all-male youth scouting-type organization to be formed in America. Since BSA ended this long-standing all-male condition some time ago, I have a dream of founding an scouting alternative for absolutely for boys only. What I dream of would take a certain degree of economic resources and a few people who can share my vision. Attached is what I had in mind in a PDF form. What do people hear think of my idea? 


    Five-Star Boys of America.pdf

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