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  1. Hey everyone, during this time of coronavirus and uncertainty our troop has moved to an online format where we are trying to help the youth with rank advancement. We are doing Zoom meetings with trail to first class and merit badge breakouts. The question that some of my scouts have ask is how they can fulfill their camping requirements for rank? Thoughts? What is everyone else doing?  

  2. Our district camporee is a scored event where we award ribbons and pick a top troop. I am trying to find other districts that also do a scored camporee so we can compare programs and scoring styles. So if you are the leader of your districts camporee please lets compare notes. 

  3. I have reached out to our council and they said we need to come up with our own alternative requirements and then submit them for approval. I have also tried reaching out to the head of the Special Needs Committee but do not get results. The head of the committee is a doctor who is very busy and doesnt reply well. I was also wrong about his diagnosis, he has Muscular Dystrophy.

  4. Hello everyone I need you help. I have a scout in my unit with MS who is not able to swim, ride a bike or hike far. He just earned Tenderfoot and wants to keep going. I know that we can recommend to our council alternative requirements for him. He will be unable to complete the swimming requirements for rank. I feel that there should be something already out there and that we should not need to reinvent the wheel for this. Anyone have an ideas or advice? I really need to help this boy right away.

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