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  1. Tommy, I look forward to it. Now if I can just dig my way back to my ticket items... Everything else in life seems to be interfering. Oh. well... "I'm going to work my ticket if I can" Ron
  2. Of all of the Woodbadge critters, I like beavers the best... especially when covered in bar-b-que sauce. I just returned (and saying that I'm tired is an understatement) and the real world just crashed in on me. I'm ready to go out and change the world and my wife feels tired and is grouchy, my kids are self-involved, and my vision crashed. The good news is that I'll restart my vision tomorrow. Nothing will stop me cuz... I'm changing the world... one scout at a time! Ron SR-814 Bear
  3. WOW!!! I couldn't figure out what all of y'all crazy nuts kept mumbling about with this "I used to be a beaver" nonsense... But, hey, I'm up for some good training. So, I figured I'd go. Tomorrow I start my second weekend and AM I PUMPED! I am so excited that I showed up for a patrol meeting one day early. (If your early...) Remember... There is only the BEAR patrol, Everything else is just a really, fresh, snack. Ron "I used to be a Bear, a good old Bear too" SR-814
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