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  1. CaptBurgers

    Vintage Uniform Question

    I appreciate all of the input so far, but I’m wanting to know about the 1960s collarless summer uniform for adults, I have a period council strip, I’m wondering about the way knots were done, like the Eagle or did they do an AoL knot? Also I have a religious award as a youth and I am a James E West recepient, would those be things found on an adult uniform back then? It’s not my actually uniform but this is a picture of the type that I have.
  2. CaptBurgers

    Vintage Uniform Question

    Hi, I have my dad’s full 1960s collarless uniform, with the knee high socks and garters and such. It currently has the set up for a youth. I am now an adult leader and want to update it accurately to the 1960s insignia. Does anyone have a period guide or know what the patches looked like and where they went? I kind of have an idea but I can’t find anything on if there were eagle knots or if they wore the eagle patch and such. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks