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  1. Great advice and insight. Thank you all. Yes, I am signing up as a badge counselor for a few topics that I have experience, education, or training. I'm looking forward to sharing that knowledge with the guys and potential gals in the troop. It is a very small troop and as I mentioned, very new. Including the new scouts crossing over this year from my son's den, there are no more than 10 boys. All very new.

  2. Thank you all.  This is helpful information.  Our Scoutmaster is not new to scouting, but he is new to the Scoutmaster role.  He was the pack master for our cub scout pack, and he formed the boy scout troop only last year.  I don't want to be a pain or make things difficult, but I want to understand the requirements and follow them.  My son has been excited about earning merit badges since he saw the pamphlets in the army surplus store when we bought his cub scout uniform years ago.  He can finally earn the badges, and I don't want him to be discouraged over having to do things twice or internal struggles/politics because the requirements are not clear.  

  3. Hello all -

    I am a parent of a scout who just crossed over from Arrow of Light to Boy Scouts.  I am considering signing up as a merit badge counselor for our troop, and my son is ready to start working on some of his badges.  I'm getting some conflicting guidance from our Troopmaster and the BSA website.  I'm hoping you all can help.

    Our Troopmaster informed me that my son cannot work on a merit badge by himself.  He said it is required that merit badges be earned in groups of 2 or more scouts.  I understand the requirement for the buddy system and that my son must be accompanied by an parent/guardian or other scout when interacting with the badge counselor or leader.  I asked him to clarify two specific items:

    1) My son attends sailing camp each summer, and the activities he performs at camp meet every requirement for the sailing merit badge.  Is it required that another boy scout earn this badge at the same time?

    2) Can hikes on family vacations count towards the Hiking badge or must it be a hike with another scout?

    He confirmed that in both of those scenarios, the badge must be earned in groups of 2 or more scouts and must be taught by the merit badge counselor.  I cannot find anything on the BSA website documentation to support this.  Can you help?


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